How to speak Japanese

10/01/2014 03:17
Japanese speaker substantially overlap with (Japanese nationality holders from) Japanese, but if you were in the world, that the language and country is a one-to-one correspondence is extremely rare. In this case, there is that word native language is used in the sense mother tongue, called "Words country of origin (home country)" in the sense that language that a person is using more natural childhood. 
For example, there are 172 languages ​​to be used as the mother tongue of the Filipino, but the official language of the Philippines is a two Filipino and English. Some language used language that use range spans more than one country (such as English), only in the region of a certain country (such as Romansh). In addition, equal sometimes grow as their mother tongue mother tongue of parents in areas where the language is not used in general by a speaker, if not ties and regional native language in such a case. In addition, you have a "mother tongue" the Japanese Many of Japan Koreans, but Japan is not a "native", Japanese is not a "mother tongue". 
Is referred to as a "first language" the language a person good command of most. However, that language is not necessarily the mother tongue of only that person. Sometimes mother tongue becomes multiple by wear more than one language in childhood, but extremely rare (multilingual) full bilingual, only one of the native language of more than one and a first language often become. Also, in some cases by using exclusively the language of the mother tongue other than in everyday life, the language of the mother tongue other than the first language, in many cases, the language of instruction of the school education that person has received becomes the first language . 
Criticized gender theory the expression "mother tongue", the words of another, for example, is replaced by the "parent" and "mother", in. Linguistics, which is also claimed to be that it should be such as "parent language", and other have you used the expression "heritage language (heritage language)" and it captures the native language that has been relativized by the acquisition of a language of



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