Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Camera

10/20/2014 22:51

The IP Cam I have attached to a terrarium and wants to give my turtle watching if I am not at home. The camera lies on the base mount easy to fit and position. The installation according to the instructions and using the software was not a problem. The images and functions have absolutely met my expectations. Sharp images even in the dark you get. The camera can be moved freely in all directions. You can give different people different levels of access (Guest, User, Admin etc) and can protect the access accordingly. I am very satisfied.


This product (whether or Wansview shinntto) fits the price-performance ratio! It is very much technology for under 50 €. The manual is a bit "poor", but with a. little consideration (and added some knowledge of networks -IP addresses and subnet masks). I made it in 2 hours. The camera makes everything sends me e-mails and are with me on the laptop alarm when "passing something." - Usually the cat! And the delivery was made in 2 days- what does man / woman more!


After almost a failure, the need for a security solution was monitored at us. Since alarm systems are expensive and often bring more conversions with it, we thought about in the entrance areas to install this IP cameras.


The installation was very easy. First, put the camera to your router via LAN and searched using the supplied software. Directly from the software made ​​the IP settings. With one click you is browsing to the web interface and enable the WLAN. Then the camera can be sealed up and thanks WLAN are held up somewhere in the reception area or mounted with the included bracket.


The panning works perfectly and especially silent. The camera can be mounted overhead without problems, because can reflect the control.

The night vision mode works very well. The alarm function with email and ftp I have not tried until now. Not even the DDNS function of the camera, since my Fritzbox killed DDNS cares, and I can access the cameras via VPN. Very comfortable on the Android smartphone app via "IP Cam Viewer" by Robert Chou.


All in all I am very satisfied and now have a security solution for under 100 € which I can recommend to anyone.



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