Philips HR2084/90

11/08/2014 10:08

The "extra cost" at a price value model is worthwhile.
Good quality, super control options, cutting solid (stainless steel),
firm position by suction cups. The filter function was not important to me, but it works.

The volume is normal, silent blender just not there and an operation usually takes
not more than a few seconds,:-), at least not so long that you feel lärmbelästigt.

The results are great, as I expected. Cleaning also easy, either with the same
rinse waters or into the dishwasher. The affected parts should be disassembled quickly and easily.

Amazon had the best deal. The blender cost under 60 euros.

The first impression look and feel are very valuable. The blender is relatively heavy and is stable. The glass carafe also makes a very stable and suitable for everyday use impression Click here. Toll is that the is a use for fruits or fruit, therefore is theoretically possible to make juice.

The blender is easy to disassemble and clean is of course of the operation here.

650 Watt seem in any case to be sufficient (take the blender mainly for protein shakes / drinks). The only "gotcha" is the volume. Since the part is correct full throttle;-). But as I said Philipps also provides again a convincing quality.

After I had a relatively cheap blender from Plastk I was relatively fast, and thanks to a great Amazon offer, chose this model. No comparison. The blender is thanks to the Saugnoppen very resistant, easy clean up super easy and I still have not (as described by other users) Problems unscrew the glass container had (and I see this to be honest did not occur). I'm zufrienden runtum.



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