A super Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

10/24/2014 14:37

A super Smartphone for anyone who still has the phone like in the pocket and does not want to buy extra for a backpack. How it is now used by Samsung, shines the "S4 Mini Black Edition" simply by their noble Aussehn.


Tips battery life, great handling and storage aussreichend for all kinds of apps that are as natural as stable and fast internet reception. Whether via the mobile networks or wifi. Thanks to Express order and delivered super fast ... Thank you for that.


Have the phone for my girlfriend brought birthday because her old always crashed. Since I already had the great s4 and she was very excited that it is revealed to the two-handed operation of the size and she has quite small hands, I decided to go for the s4 mini. Gift arrived super and still runs perfectly.


If I may venture the comparison with the great s4 after 1 year.

- Has slightly less memory 8 GB instead of 16

- Updates were much longer in coming.

- Camera in low light conditions noticeably at a disadvantage


+ Runs just as buttery soft as the Great

+ Can be operated easily with one hand super

+ Battery charge lasts longer than its big brother


on the whole a great smartphone



Who his laptop, 20+ inch monitor, tablet, Xbox, DSLR, etc. with mini S4 or ever will replace a smartphone, will disappoint, but as you can see is a smartphone for me * not * a device for everything, but a daily companion, a supplement to my PC / server / Hifi / auto-ecosystem on the go, garden, etc. even though Samsung's Android is not bad, the potential of smartphones deployed only by the apps. And who can play around with some apps and wants to get with S4 mini excellent and flexible all-rounder, with more hardware than most really * need *. S4 mini is not a device with MHz and for MegaPixel limbers, but simply a workhorse, and I'm sure that I can use it after 4-5 years even, possibly with a new battery. It does not meet any of the functions it has perfect because it is always better cameras, displays, speakers, but does everything so well that you can take it everywhere without hesitation as a handy, lightweight all-rounder. The price is also ok but once it falls below 200 €, I'm a second S4 mini me to buy for your home, as Ultra Mega Pops remote control / keyboard / mouse combo for Multimedia / UPnP, lighting control, smart home tinkering, Raspberry Pi, router TV, infrared ... Extreme Couching, here I come!



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