Dell U2414H Monitor Review

10/20/2014 12:17



+ Pretty consistent the device

+ colors

+ delivery

-> USB 3.0 cable attached and DisplayPort cables. HDMI I need not have had primary, happiness. Others, however, have not so lucky

+ Rotation / tilt / height




-> Actually a good thing, but sometimes I need the USB plug to draw on div to access devices.

-> Port is not easily accessible, since you have to have some patience, and go stiff purely

O Connectivity

-> Here I would have liked at least one DVI. However, goes well so

O DELL logo appears and reflects the strong sunlight. I simply taped a piece of electrical tape.

O If the frame is very thin indeed on the right / left / top side. What makes it wider, however, is the fact that it is not filled to 100%. Or do I have with 1920 x 1080 resolution the wrong image?



- No picture in picture

- Soft touch screen buttons are a cramp. I have the right rotation is still not out.

-> How do I auschhalte the monitor at night? Simply create quite right thumb on the housing and wipe over again. Unfortunately, this works if I do not want to set something in the menu that simple. Since I sometimes press few times around the field to finally get an answer. Unfortunately, the touch-sensitive surfaces are not raised. They are all ground, so you have to look where you press. Also, these are not illuminated.

- Image stability

-> As soon as you get up is the beautiful picture away. This gets my Lenovo IPS screen towards better



I'm largely happy with the monitor. If you then consider that he has just cost around 210 Eur with shipping times, then one has actually to complain now no longer any reason. It should be noted that this is not a cheap monitor but a brand product with high test scores (see.



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