Unveiling of Trainee Debut

09/18/2014 17:16
The exhibition of figure skating, it is performed after the discipline has been completed for all competitions a large-scale, due to the (players of top five, and players of the host country in principle at the World Championships and Olympic Winter Games) winners who , and that of acting without ranking or scoring. To participate in the exhibition, is an honor for the players. If there is an encore to the gold-medal athlete often. Unlike the competition, which is scored in and directing skills along with the provisions of the rule, there is not a limit on the production techniques and in the exhibition. 
Players free technique with or incorporate such as jumping to become scoring excluded and one foot accelerator and U~orei and vertical rotation, or have been prohibited in competition rather than provisions also acting time, limit, nor the use of props and costumes it is possible to show off your acting with. It is possible (within the bounds of common sense) also undressing of acting in because there is no limit of the costume. 
Also, the music to be used in competition ice dancing outside (it is considered that the impression given to the person to watch and judge by the language will be different) which must not be used those singing with the lyrics meaningful enters determined that there is, but these also because it is lifted in the exhibition, players slide riding on such songs as pop singer often. 
Without any pressure, such as competition, it is possible to see the players that acting freely and to the best the personality of each person. Jury because sitting in the same competition the judges seats shall not scoring, it is also an opportunity to appeal the flavor of their own to judge for players. Ice show is one that provides entertainment as this exhibition. 
Unveiling of Trainee debut before and show the face of active champions, be done at the box office within the normal as a retirement match is often in Japan, but the exhibition entitled "Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake Charity Boxing" in the January 25, 2005 events have also been held. In addition, the exhibition is also performed at the box office of the boys towards the lifting of the ban on women in 2007. In some cases it is as an alternative exhibition when the regular season becomes impossible due to circumstances while. Other, exhibition of boxing rules have also been organized mixed martial   arts in the https://marklester.co.uk/indorex-household-flea-spray-for-home-review-price/ "DEEP".



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