Canon IXUS 155 Digital Camera for Super Photos

10/19/2014 18:55
The camera makes for my taste super photos, the zoom is really great and the battery holds with some remarkable long videos. have only managed a blurry picture and do not know how, all the zoom feature razor sharp. all the effects I have not tried because I do not care, was important to me small good photos and low ... all was fulfilled. 
I inquired on the Internet, which cameras are best suited for my purpose and came across among other things on the Canon IXUS 155. Incidentally, I travel a lot in cities, make photos there, take photos during sports or simply times when his cozy * road *. I must say I am very surprised POSITIVE. As I've read through here all the bad reviews, I was a bit shocked and deterred. Nevertheless, I decided THEREFOR and bought this camera. And I was NOT disappointed! :-) When I was on vacation until now, I used this camera and the pictures I saw on the PC were really convincing. THEREFORE I CAN ALSO SOME REVIEWS not understand at all ..... 
You have to remember that this is not a mega professional camera for professionals, no SLR or similar. For the price and the type of camera, you have to make cuts somewhere - I have here made ​​the experience that these smears are enormously low. Almost 80% of my pictures I had to shoot with ZOOM, sometimes little and sometimes a lot, but the quality has not changed to negative, which of course surprised me. The operation is relatively simple and to learn quickly and depending on the color it is also a real eye-catcher 
So who is on super snapshots or even much the way is that I can only recommend this camera! 
What else to say is - I have the camera here but bought in the store - The saleswoman said that one should by charging the battery pack in front of the first use properly and even if they have not been used for longer, then leave again full load properly: - ) 
Note: If necessary, still need to be bought carrying case, memory cards and the like to



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