Stable and Powerful Russell Hobbs Blender 600 watt

10/23/2014 01:52

Now I have the blender that I used very often and I am very satisfied. The device is stable, powerful and sufficient capacity. The only drawback is that I can not solve by the rotating part with the Meser the glass part. I have both wash each other. With a small plastic bag, which I attach with a rubber ring on the rotating part, which is also possible in the dishwasher.


I was here just a middleman to buy a blender for my partner.

When he arrived he was of course immediately examined by the female Argus eyes.

"But he is made ​​of glass," were the first words that came with an enthusiasm of her.


So get away from telling stories. This blender puts everything I need.


-Easy to use

-Two Different. Levels

-Easy Saübern


No more. Not less.


And although it was only for my partner, I find myself increasingly doing, also to use it


Super Beautiful blender !!!

met his demands ..o.k. so far we have only made ​​banana shake;) .. but in no time and yummy ..and you can quickly and clear water with a little washing up liquid to clean :) am very satisfied so far ... if only because he looks Optical super !!!


The suction pads are great nothing slips away ..he is steadfast :) and the glass carafe is easy on and remove. Overall very stable ... are very satisfied :)


I have a past mid-priced blender wanted, but it is good and I can only say I'm really super happy. I ordered it because I'm making baby food for my son myself and I can recommend it very clear. By the suction cups on the ground, the stability is also really great.


Mixes very well, but in non-liquid stuff you have something back and rolling heavily or make short and stir so that it reflects what to grab. This has been but I think in all blenders and so I recommend it anyway and therefore happy to draw from no star.


The glass container has with its 1.5 l a large volume and can be cleaned very well. I use it mainly for smoothies and milkshakes, but also now in the Christmas season to crush almonds or hazelnuts. After two years of use still in top shape. Nothing broke, very good workmanship and also beautiful to look at.



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